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Toucan Weekly Roundup – 12 May 2017

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Fintech, Lending and Asia Focused Articles

3 things Asia can learn from Sweden’s booming fintech scene

Sweden’s Fintech sector has been influential in bringing about a cashless society, something that Asian Countries like Singapore and South Korea are hoping to emulate. There are 3 key lessons that Asian Countries can take away from this case study. Firstly, Fintech ventures should actively address specific needs and tailor their services according to the prevalent attitudes of their market. Secondly, Fintech companies should simplify lending and borrowing experience for consumers. Thirdly, Fintech startups should seek collaboration with government and traditional financial institutions.

(Jakarta City at night)

Former Citi Chairman and Asia Pacific CEO Shirish Apte invests in fintech startup Invoice Bazaar

Invoice Bazaar, a supply chain SME finance platform headquartered in UAE, with operations in Singapore and India, has received an undisclosed sum in investment from Shirish Apte, former CEO and Chairman Asia Pacific of Citigroup. Invoice Bazaar is a technology platform that offers supply chain finance, receivables finance and dynamic discounting. The company helps connect large buyers with SME suppliers, which enables them to avail early payment on their receivables.


“Asian fintech is a man’s world. But I’m now trying to change that”

Anna Vanessa Haotanto is the CEO of The New Savvy, Asia’s leading financial & career platform for women. She is also the head of the women in fintech group at the Singapore Fintech Association, a non-profit organization that encourages industry collaboration. The New Savvy provides content to help women make better informed investment decisions, empowering women by transforming their money relationship.


Mirador Financial Raises $7M to help banks compete with marketplace lenders

Banks continue to lose business to online lenders that can approve and offer small business loans in a matter of minutes. Fintech startups like Mirador have developed technology that lets banks offer similar convenience. By partnering with such Fintech startups, more banks will be able to level the playing field with online lenders who are able to offer fast and easy small business loans as well as maintain their lending relationships with small business customers.


Investors are busy people, so Funding Societies created an App for them to invest on-the-go

Funding Societies has announced the launch of its new investor mobile app that will offer the platform’s investors more convenience across all activities, from the sign-up all the way to the actual investing. Funding Societies helps connect SMEs with investors through an online marketplace. New users can apply and sign up to become investors entirely on the app. Additional features like advance notification for upcoming loans and low balance reminders ensure that investors will not miss an investment opportunity again.


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